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Sometimes you just don’t feel 100% and you say to yourself, “I need blood work.” Chandler, AZ has two new FastMed locations on South Arizona Ave and West Ray Road that can get you in promptly and draw your blood, making the process as easy as possible. FastMed Urgent Care clinics are conveniently located in your neighborhood to provide a variety of urgent care services. No appointment is necessary and we are open 7 days a week with extended hours.

Blood work can be requested by your doctor for a variety of reasons. According to Harvard Health Publications, “Blood tests enable doctors to assess your health by analyzing cells, chemicals, proteins and other substances in your blood. Some tests are recommended regularly to see if blood levels of certain cells or chemicals fall within normal range.  Others are done to help diagnose health conditions.”  Blood work can be requested for pregnancy, allergies, heart disease, infections, inflammation, hormone levels, kidney disease, lead poisoning, liver and pancreas issues as well as thyroid problems.

I Need Blood Work Chandler, AZ—Where Should I Go?

For the various reasons you may want or need blood work, FastMed Urgent Care can quickly assist you with high quality care and compassion. On site we can test for mononucleosis, flu and strep throat. We also provide drug screenings, UA’s and EKG’s.  Our goal is to get our patients in an out of our facility in under an hour, we don’t believe our flexibility should come at the cost of your time.

Our professional medical staff is knowledgeable about the most recent general medicine, sports medicine, urgent care diagnosis and treatment.  It is a priority that our patients are treated with courteous attention and concern. Should you ever need a medical specialist, we can arrange the appointment, forward your digital medical records, test results and X-rays. FastMed Urgent Care strives to bring personal care to you right in your neighborhood. If you’re saying to yourself, “I need blood work”, Chandler AZ is your best option for prompt, quality service with flexible hours.

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