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Itchy skin can be irritating and frustrating, but it can also be embarrassing, since your skin may itch at inopportune moments and no one likes to scratch their skin in public. There are a number of different reasons that you may have itchy skin, and finding the root cause of the problem is your first step to getting rid of the problem once and for all.


In general, itchy skin is caused by its lack of moisture. Dry skin can be caused by environmental factors or by bathing too often, or it can be the result of a skin condition, like eczema or psoriasis. Internal diseases like thyroid problems and anemia can cause itchy skin, as can nerve disorders like diabetes and shingles. Exposure to an allergen, like poison oak or poison ivy, can cause itchy skin too. Find out what’s causing your itchy skin by visiting a doctor at FastMed Urgent Care right away after the itch begins for best results.

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