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The liver is the largest gland in the human body and is located to the right of the stomach. The liver is responsible for several functions of the body, including producing and breaking down hormones, producing amino acids, and detoxifying toxic substances. Because a properly functioning liver is necessary for survival, experiencing any degree of liver pain can be alarming.

There was a time when you had only two choices for medical care: planning a doctor’s appointment or waiting in a crowded emergency room. FastMed Urgent Care is distinguished by its team of dedicated medical professionals, whose primary goal is providing personal care right in patients’ neighborhoods. Our facilities are open 7 day of the week, offer extended hours, and are staffed with warm, welcoming professionals.

No Pain, No Gain? Not When It Comes to Your Liver.

Liver PainFor many people, liver pain is not easily distinguishable from any other abdominal pain. Liver pain  is often just described as a dull ache in the upper-right side of your stomach. However, pain is not the only sign that can signify a problem with your liver. Here are a few others:

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes
  • Brown spots or skin rashes
  • Excessive sweating and strong body odor
  • Dark urine and pale colored stools

Possible causes of liver pain:

  • Chronic hepatitis: Swelling and inflammation of the liver
  • Fatty liver disease: A build-up of fats in the liver
  • Alcoholic liver: Damage to liver function due to alcohol abuse
  • Hepatic adenoma: A hormone induced benign liver tumor

Because liver pain can be a warning sign of a life-threatening condition, it is highly recommended that you see your healthcare provider to help explore possible causes and treatments. FastMed accepts most forms of insurance and provides an affordable way to manage healthcare costs for you and your family. Not sure if we accept your insurance plan? Check out a complete list!

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