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Lower left abdominal pain can be caused by several things, but is most commonly linked to the digestive tract. The type of abdominal pain that you experience can range from a sharp, burning and stabbing pain to a dull aching pain. Describing the type of pain you are feeling to a medical professional, and notifying him or her of any accompanying symptoms, can often help them determine a likely cause.

Common Causes of Abdominal Pain

Lower Left Abdominal PainSome causes of lower left abdominal pain are harmless, while others require prompt medical attention. Some of these causes include:

Kidney Stones

What they are: Kidney stones form when your urine contains too much calcium, uric acid, or other crystal-forming substances.

Causes: According to Medical News Today, “The leading cause of kidney stones is a lack of water. Stones commonly have been found in those that drink less than the recommended eight to ten glasses of water a day.” Without enough water to dilute calcium and uric acid, your kidney’s ph level becomes more acidic, leading to kidney stones.

Treatment: In most cases, you will be able to pass the kidney stone without invasive treatment, especially if you drink plenty of water. However, larger stones may require surgery or other medical treatment.

Intestinal Obstruction

What it is: An intestinal obstruction occurs when your intestine is blocked, preventing fluids, food, and gas from traveling through the intestines normally. An obstruction in the left side of the intestine will likely cause pain in the lower left abdominal area.

Causes: An inflammatory disease like Crohn’s disease, a strangulated hernia, or scar tissue from a prior abdominal surgery are all common causes of intestinal obstruction.

Treatment: Treatment for an intestinal obstruction depends on the root cause of the obstruction. For instance, symptoms of Crohn’s disease can be managed with medication to decrease inflammation, whereas a strangulated hernia is considered an emergency and requires immediate medical attention.


What it is: Constipation is a condition of the digestive system that makes it difficult to poop.

Causes: According to Medical News Today, “Constipation happens when the colon absorbs too much water, or if the muscles in the colon are contracting slowly or poorly so that the stool moves too slowly and loses more water.”

Treatment: Eating more fiber (vegetables, beans, cereal, brown rice), drinking more water, and getting more exercise can help relieve the symptoms of constipation. If constipation does not get better, speak with your physician.

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