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O-thello. O-prah. O positive.

O is an important letter, especially with regards to blood type. It’s common knowledge that blood types play an essential role in the success of a safe blood transfusion. However, you may not know that each blood type is linked to certain traits that may indicate much more than just the absence or presence of inherited antigens.

Here are five interesting facts, from your friends at FastMed, about an O blood type.

O-h Boy: 5 O Blood Type Facts

  1. O Positive BloodIf you belong to the O blood group, it’s most likely because you’re O positive. O positive blood is the most common type in the United States, representing 38% of the population; only 7% of Americans are O negative.
  2. The O blood group is known as the universal donor. O positive blood types can donate to any of the positive A, B, and AB groups; O negative can donate to all negative groups. Additionally, O positive blood is the universal plasma recipient.
  3. People with O blood types are supposedly better athletes and natural leaders. Just like horoscopes, blood types may be an indicator of specific tendencies and personality traits. Type O people are also known to be extremely social and enjoy being the center of attention.
  4. There’s a diet that claims the O blood group should adapt to a high protein, low carb lifestyle. The Blood Type Diet believes that certain foods have the ability to chemically react in a way that is specific to each blood type. The diet outlines a plan for the A, B, O, and AB groups of ideal food group combinations and exercise regimens.   
  5. Having an O blood type may lower your risk of developing pancreatic cancer. According to a study conducted at Yale University, type O blood has a lower risk of pancreatic cancer due to the lack of antigens, which have the potential to allow for the growth of harmful bacteria inside the gut.

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