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Arizona’s dry climate may seem like a safe haven for those plagued by seasonal allergies and sinus problems. However, this is only a myth. The desert wind pollinates just as well as bees, blasting allergens through the air and infecting many Arizonans with a form of sinusitis colloquially known as “Arizona Nose.” Luckily, FastMed has the Do’s and Don’ts on dealing with this nasty infection’s repertoire of symptoms.

Nasal Congestion/Post-nasal drip

Do: Go to FastMed Urgent Care and get the care you need.  

Don’t:  Pick your nose in public. This doesn’t apply if you’re alone in the car or a kid. Do it while no one else is watching or it’s still acceptable.

Child Picking Nose


Do: Stay hydrated, suck on lozenges and visit FastMed to get the care you need.

Don’t: Interview Christina Aguilera.  And if you do, heaven forbid that you cough while she’s talking.  

Sore Throat

Do: Gargle saltwater. It may not taste spectacular, but your throat will thank you.  For sever sore throat, visit FastMed.

Don’t: Decide to become an auctioneer. Save your mid-life crisis career switch for another field less likely to damage your throat.


Do: Sleep. This will help with fatigue, too.   Drink plenty of fluids.  Avoid loud noises ansd stressful environments.

Don’t: Bang your head on your desk. Arizona Nose can be frustrating, but this will just make matters worse.

Bad Breath

Do: Brush your teeth. Eat a mint. Avoid the garlic and onion platter.

Don’t: Go on a date, unless it’s with an Ogre. You know what they say about first impressions…

Arizona Nose holding you back from Spring fun? Come to FastMed Urgent care—we can get you the help you need.  The average wait time is less than an hour to get the care you need.


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