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Psoriasis: Symptoms and Treatment

When you suffer from psoriasis, you may experience good days when you forget all about your symptoms, and you may have bad days when it hardly seems possible to leave the house. This chronic skin condition is caused by an unnatural buildup of cells that causes a thickening of the skin often accompanied by pain.

A medical professional at your local urgent care clinic can diagnose your skin condition and give you definitive next steps for managing your symptoms and reducing pain and irritation.

PsoriasisSymptoms of Psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis are most often unpleasant. They can include a skin rash characterized by a reddening and scaling of the skin, excessively dry skin that may crack or bleed, a thickening of the nails, and joint problems, such as stiffness and swelling. The rash can also cause itching and irritation, along with a burning sensation or overall soreness.

Coping with Psoriasis

One type of treatment may not be enough to sufficiently manage the symptoms of psoriasis. You may need to try a few different treatment combinations before you find one that works for you. This means you may have to get help from a medical professional more than once to get your psoriasis under control.

To help you cope with psoriasis, several different types of treatments may be recommended:

  • Topical treatments, ranging from prescription-strength ointments to moisturizers and lotions you can buy at any drugstore
  • Light therapy, which can include small doses of natural sunlight or more controlled and concentrated light sources administered during therapy sessions
  • Prescription medications, including both oral medications and injections
  • Practicing good hygiene, including bathing every day with mild soaps and lukewarm water

Coping with psoriasis may also be easier if you avoid things that cause the symptoms to flare up. These may vary by person but can include alcohol, smoking, infection, skin injuries, prolonged sun exposure, and excessive stress.

At FastMed Urgent Care, we can diagnose your skin condition and start you on a path toward wellness. If you need the expertise of a medical specialist, we’ll make the appointment for you, and we’ll make the transition easy for you by forwarding all your digital medical records.

Don’t suffer with the symptoms of psoriasis or any skin condition for another minute. Find a FastMed clinic in your area right now.

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