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Five Ways to Treat and Beat Ringworm

For many different types of medical conditions, there’s a lot of false information floating around. This is especially true for the fungal infection known as ringworm. For example, ringworm is caused by fungi. It may be present on your skin or nails, and it doesn’t necessarily cause a ring to appear. Contrary to popular belief, you can even catch ringworm from your pet and vice versa.

For proper diagnosis, prescription medication, and medical guidance, you’ll need to see a professional. An urgent care clinic nearby can give you the attention, support, and treatment you need to rid yourself of ringworm.

RingwormTreatments for Ringworm

Another piece of false information about ringworm is that it’s treated with antibiotics. While prescription antibiotics may work for bacterial infections, they won’t work for a fungal infection like ringworm. Below are the most common treatment options and how to ensure they’re as effective as possible.

  1. Use a topical antifungal cream to treat ringworm. This type of cream is rubbed right onto the affected area of your skin.
  2. Get a prescription for antifungal pills. Oral treatment may be needed if the cream doesn’t work or if you have a particularly severe infection.
  3. Continue treatment for as long as the medical professional you see recommends. Even if your symptoms disappear, the infection may not be completely gone.
  4. Stay on alert for the symptoms of ringworm. Just because you’ve had it once doesn’t mean you won’t have it again.
  5. To prevent catching ringworm again or spreading it to others, all the people in your household should be treated, even if they’re not symptomatic.

It’s pretty clear that while ringworm is very treatable, it can be a distressing type of infection to develop. Don’t try to diagnose and treat it yourself. Trust the medical professionals at your neighborhood FastMed Urgent Care clinic. We provide prompt, personal care for ringworm and other types of non-life-threatening medical conditions.

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