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Understanding Shingles Treatment

Shingles treatmentPeople who need shingles treatment are often in significant pain. Shingles is a skin rash caused by the varicella zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox. The virus lies dormant in the body and might stay that way in some people. In others, the virus awakes at some point – usually due to stress on the immune system – and causes shingles.  If you need shingles treatment, please come to the FastMed Urgent Care nearest you – just type in your zip code to find a clinic. Unfortunately, shingles has no cure, and the virus usually has to run its course; however, the earlier you come in for shingles treatment, the sooner it’s possible to alleviate some of the rash and discomfort.

Shingles symptoms may vary, but they usually proceed in stages. They may start with a headache or even mild flu-like symptoms.  Normally, a strip of skin will start to tingle, feel itchy, or even become painful. That is the area where the shingles rash will first appear. The shingles rash will evolve into oozing blisters that will eventually crust over, though it can take between 14 days and a month for the area to fully heal. At any point in the process, come to FastMed Urgent Care, so we can get you started on a course of treatment to minimize your discomfort. 

Time for Shingles Treatment

If you experience dizziness, weakness, or changes in vision as a result of your shingles, please see a medical professional right away. Anti-viral medicines can be helpful in slowing the progression of the rash, and there are prescriptions for pain management or anti-inflammatory drugs if needed. In the case of antivirals, the sooner you come in the better the chance they will have to be of help.

Though the majority of people who have shingles get well and never have them again, a subset of people develop a condition called postherpetic neuralgia. This condition results from nerve damage associated with the shingles rash and can last for months after an outbreak. If your shingles are gone but the pain continues, please come to FastMed, so we can find a way to help.

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