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Expecting mothers have enough on their plate without the burden of dealing with an infection or illness. After experiencing symptoms that mirror common infections, such as strep throat, most pregnant women begin to grow concerned about potential complications. Rest assured, there are no known complications associated with strep throat and pregnancy, but it’s still important to promptly seek the care of an experienced medical professional.

If you’re an expecting mother and experiencing a painfully sore throat, FastMed Urgent Care is available to address your concerns 365 days a year!

Questions About Strep Throat and your Pregnancy?

Strep Throat and PregnancyAre certain symptoms specific to people experiencing strep throat and pregnancy at the same time?

No. The symptoms of strep throat are not altered due to pregnancy. Symptoms of strep throat may include:

Sore throat, may appear red with white patches

  • Swollen tonsils
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Weakness/Fatigue
  • Enlarged glands in neck
  • Fever
  • Chills

If I’m experiencing strep throat and pregnancy at the same time, am I able to receive treatment?

Yes. In order to protect both mother and unborn baby while treating strep throat, it’s extremely important to complete your treatment exactly as it’s prescribed by a medical professional. Potential treatments may include:

  • Antibiotics
  • At-home remedies (e.g. herbal teas) to reduce the severity of experienced symptoms

How can I reduce the risk of contracting strep throat during my pregnancy?

Whether you’re pregnant or not, there isn’t a guaranteed solution for preventing strep throat. However, the following behaviors may increase your protection against illness:

  • Maintain hydration by increasing fluid intake throughout the day
  • Frequently wash your hands
  • Practice good hygiene, especially in public
  • Limit exposure to potentially ill individuals
  • Boost immune system through a vitamin regimen and proper diet

FastMed Urgent Care is a convenient, affordable, and comfortable solution for all of your basic healthcare needs, including strep throat. If you have remaining concerns about strep throat and pregnancy, or need to seek treatment, stop by your local FastMed Urgent Care. To find the FastMed nearest to you, check out the locations page on our website.

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