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Although a rash from the swimming pool and chlorine rash have similar symptoms, they have different causes. Below, we examine swimming pool rash and chlorine rash, their effects on the skin, and possible treatment options, so that you or your children can enjoy pools and hot tubs safely and comfortably this summer!

What Is Swimming Pool Rash?

Swimming pool rash (also called swimmer’s itch) occurs when the disinfectants in swimming pools break down and expose swimmers to pseudomonas bacteria. A person may also contract swimming pool rash from hot tubs and marshy swimming areas.

Swimming pool rash appearanceThe symptoms of swimming pool rash typically occur 12 to 48 hours after a person is exposed to pseudomonas bacteria and can include:

  • Small red bumps on skin
  • Blisters
  • A rash that affects the arms, legs, torso, or entire body
  • Itching

What Is Chlorine Rash?

Unlike swimming pool rash, chlorine rash is caused by exposure to chlorine (the disinfectant used to rid pools of bacteria).

According to Doctor Decides, “People who spend most of the time in swimming pools generally develop chlorine rash because the chemical bonds to hair and skin and does not easily wash away. This is the reason that chlorine continues to irritate the skin even after the person has come out of the pool.”

The symptoms of chlorine rash can begin immediately to within hours of chlorine exposure and may include:

  • Extreme itching
  • Small bumps on skin
  • Patches of itchy rash
  • Skin that is swollen and tender

Treatment Options for Swimming Pool and Chlorine Rash

Treatment for swimming pool rash and chlorine rash at FastMedThe symptoms of both chlorine rash and a rash from the swimming pool typically disappear within a few days. Over-the-counter anti-itch medication or lotion can help relieve some of the itchy dryness that accompany the rash.

If the symptoms do not ease in a few days, or if you or your child show signs of infection, you should consult with a medical professional.

FastMed Urgent Care is committed to ensuring every patient receives the care he or she needs. We offer compassionate healthcare at an affordable price, and we aim to get you in and seen by a medical professional in under an hour. We also help keep costs down by offering a special Discount Program.

If you think you or your child are experiencing symptoms of swimming pool or chlorine rash, visit a FastMed Urgent Care near you today!


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