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Why Do I Have Throat Pain When Swallowing?

Throat pain when swallowingThere are a number of illness symptoms that stick around and make you feel poorly, but there are very few as annoying as throat pain when swallowing. The more common symptoms that come along with a sore throat include headaches, chills and fever, depending on what is causing the sore throat in the first place.

What Causes Throat Pain When Swallowing?

A sore throat could stem from a number of different causes. For starters, it could come from allergies. Many people, especially as they grow older, suffer from allergies of different kinds. Some people are allergic to dust or pollen, while others may react poorly to pet fur and dander. Regardless of what the allergy is to, it is not uncommon to have a runny nose and sore throat when exposed to the allergens. Allergy shots and other medications can ease the symptoms quickly.

Another cause of throat pain when swallowing would be a viral or bacterial infection. A common viral infection that causes a sore throat is the common cold. Symptoms joining a sore throat with a common cold include fever, runny nose, headaches and more. When you think of a bacterial infection causing a sore throat, the first thing that comes to mind is strep throat.

While strep throat can commonly be confused with a cold, the sore throat is typically much worse, and there are some tell-tale signs if you look closely at your mouth and throat. A round of antibiotics can cure a bacterial infect and it’s symptoms quickly.

Regardless of whether it’s allergies, a virus or a bacterial infection that is causing your throat pain when swallowing, the medical professionals at FastMed Urgent Care can give you the necessary treatment to relieve you of your symptoms quickly. Be sure to find the closest walk-in clinic to you today.

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