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Treatment for a UTI in Greensboro, NC can be done at either FastMed Urgent Care facility located within the city.

Treatment for a UTI is done with antibiotics. A urine test to determine the type of bacteria present will dictate the type and duration of the antibiotic used. The most commonly used antibiotics used for treatment of UTIs are:

  • Trimethoprim

  • Amoxicillin

  • Nitrofurantoin

  • Ampicillin

  • Ofloxacin

  • Norfloxacin

  • Ciprofloxacin

  • Trovafloxin

A UTI can often be cured within only a couple days after beginning proper treatment. Our Greensboro, NC medical professionals will urge you to complete the entire cycle of the antibiotics to ensure the infection gets completely flushed out of the system. Patients showing signs of a kidney or prostate infection may have to undergo prolonged treatment.

A follow-up urine test is often performed for confirmation that the UTI has passed.

Home treatment for a UTI

Before you can make it to a Greensboro, NC FastMed, there are steps you can take for some temporary treatment for a UTI. Various over-the-counter drugs, a heating pad and drinking plenty of water can all help cleanse bacteria out of the urinary tract.

Prevention is the best medicine for a UTI and preventive measures include urinating when you feel the need and not resisting the urge, taking showers instead of baths, washing after sexual intercourse and regularly drinking cranberry juice.

It is best to avoid drinking coffee or alcohol or consuming spicy foods during treatment for a UTI.

Some women experience recurring urinary tract infections. There are home UTI tests available with no prescription needed and may be useful for women to test for a UTI at the first sign of symptoms.

With on-site labs capable of performing urine tests, Greensboro’s FastMed clinics can provide quick, easy and affordable treatment for a UTI.

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