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Although tuberculosis (TB) is not as prevalent as it once was, it still exists. TB is a lung disease that is characterized by an ongoing cough, fever, fatigue, and night sweats. Diagnosing tuberculosis is a simple matter; generally a doctor will take a sample of sputum and send it to the lab for culturing. A chest X-ray might also be ordered in those with a chronic cough to rule out TB. A TB skin test is also sometimes necessary to show whether or not you have ever had a TB infection or been exposed to TB.


A diagnosis of tuberculosis is scary, but it is not the death sentence it once was. Treatment is extensive, and usually involves taking a course of medication for a period of several months or longer. The first step to finding out if that nagging cough is actually tuberculosis is to visit FastMed Urgent Care for diagnostic tests and treatment by a medical doctor. 

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