Proper Treatment Protocols Keep Urgent Cares Safe

Just like there are rules of procedure for hospitals and emergency rooms, urgent care facilities also have a treatment protocol to follow.

The American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine reported on a set of treatment guidelines for hospitals and urgent care facilities to follow in an effort to increase patient safety. These include:

  1. Following pre-operative and anesthesia checklists to prevent operative and postoperative event

  2. Using checklists to prevent central-line associated bloodstream infections

  3. Using interventions to reduce the use of urinary catheters

  4. Taking measures to prevent cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia

  5. Giving appropriate attention to hand hygiene

  6. Administering a “do not use” list for abbreviations that can lead to medical mistakes

  7. Taking actions to reduce bed sores

  8. Using barrier precautions to prevent infections

  9. Guiding placement of a central line with ultrasonography

  10. Taking measures to improve the prevention of venous thromboembolism

The Importance — and Challenge — of Treatment Protocols

Urgent Care Treatment ProtocolsUrgent care facilities face unique challenges in maintaining patient safety. Many facilities see dozens of patients every day without an appointment, each with different injuries and ailments. Also, many facilities with extended hours have less time to close down for cleaning. Urgent care professionals are often generalists, meaning they are trying to treat many different conditions in a rapid fire pace.

Urgent care facilities may also have to abide by state regulations or acquire special certifications for opening and operating such a practice.

Specific cases of injuries and illnesses may also come with their own special set of protocol for treatment, requiring the facility to adhere to overall best practices as well as case-specific mandates.

In addition to treatment protocols, urgent care facilities are also held to guidelines concerning billing, insurance policies, and other business-related matters.

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