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When bacteria makes its way into the urinary tract (usually from feces), a UTI can occur. UTI is an acronym that stands for urinary tract infection. Most UTIs are infections of the bladder, and if left untreated, or not treated soon enough after symptoms appear, a UTI can move to the kidneys and cause damage that lasts a lifetime. Getting treated is simple and easy if you recognize the symptoms of UTI and act on them by getting treated right away.


Burning during urination is the most obvious symptom of a UTI. Decreased amounts of urine or a sensation of urinating without any urine coming out or peeing just drops of urine can indicate a UTI. Your urine may also smell bad, and you may have abdominal cramping along with the other symptoms. Seek out treatment by visiting FastMed Urgent Care to rule out a UTI or get started on a course of special antibiotics to kill the infection before it becomes serious.

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