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Many corporate insurance plans offer wellness programs to promote good health and fitness habits among their staff. Often, participating in wellness programs can earn employees discounts on their insurance premiums, free gym memberships or cash rewards. And in some cases, not participating in wellness programs may actually increase an employee’s insurance premium.

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Wellness Programs FAQ:

What is required to be eligible for a wellness program?

Wellness ProgramThis varies between different insurance companies and places of employment. However, most wellness programs require you to complete a PHA, a biometric screening, or both.

What is a PHA?

PHA stands for personal health assessment and is a questionnaire about your medical history and lifestyle.

What is a biometric screening?

A biometric screening is a physical examination that evaluates your current health conditions and determines your risk for certain diseases and health problems. A biometric screening often includes tests on the following:

Will my results be shared with my employer?

No. The results of your PHA and biometric screening will be kept confidential.

What is the difference between participatory wellness programs and health-contingent wellness programs?

Participatory wellness programs do not require employees to meet certain goals to earn rewards or incentives. Instead, employees get incentives for simply enrolling. With health-contingent wellness programs, rewards only go to employees who meet certain health goals.  

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