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Where can I get a Flu Shot?

Where can I get a flu shot?In Arizona or North Carolina, the answer to “where can I get a get a flu shot” is at FastMed Urgent Care.  FastMed Urgent Care clinics offer accessible and affordable healthcare right in your own neighborhood including a flu shot. We’re open every day of the year, holidays too and operate on extended hours so you can walk in when it’s most convenient for you.  

There are lots of places to get flu shots but it is all a question of comfort, cost and quality. Here are some criteria to think about when wondering  ”Where can I get a flu shot?”

  • Convenient Care: A convenient care clinic is usually located in a supermarket or drug store. Sometimes these are actual clinics that provide preventative health services and sometimes they are just a table in aisle with a nurse practitioner who will give you your flu shot.  These clinics are not medically equipped with the diagnostic tools or equipment that you would find at walk in medical clinic like FastMed.
  • Doctor’s office: Your doctor will definitely be able to give you a flu shot. The issues are cost and convenience. If you have to set up and appointment and pay for an office visit, the flu shot will definitely be more expensive than an urgent care clinic.
  • Urgent Care: FastMed Urgent care is already located in your neighborhood, so we are as easy to get to as a drugstore. And you get your shot in a medical environment where we’re prepared to take the time to answer your questions.  All FastMed Urgent Care clinics are staffed by a team of medical professionals, including doctors. We have the same expertise as the doctor’s office, but you just pay for your flu shot and come when it works for you – in the morning, after work or on the weekend.  Just type in your zip code and find the location near you.

FastMed Flu Shot Locations by State


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