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If you’re asking yourself, “where should I go for a UTI?” Chandler, AZ has a new FastMed location to help you. Our highly trained staff of medical professionals can examine and evaluate your symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, Urinary tract infection or UTI symptoms include:

  • A strong and persistent urge to urinate

  • A burning sensation when you urinate

  • Frequently passing small amounts of urine

  • Cloudy urine

  • A sign of blood in the urine

  • Strong smelling urine

  • Pelvic pain in women

  • Rectal pain in men

Every symptom does not always accompany a urinary tract infection (UTI). Visit one of our friendly physicians at FastMed if you are experiencing any of these signs and suspect you have a UTI. FastMed Urgent Care can get you in to see a medical professional promptly and offer you relief from painful UTI symptoms. A prescription for antibiotics is the most common method to treat your UTI.  An untreated urinary tract infection can lead to a more serious problem with your kidneys and bladder, making it imperative to see a reliable medical professional.

If You’re Asking Yourself, “Where Should I Go for a UTI?”—FastMed Has You Covered

In order to avoid future problems with a UTI some helpful tips consist of drinking sugar-free cranberry juice and water. Tight clothing can be an irritant as well as alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks. Also, try to wipe front to back and empty your bladder after intercourse.  Women commonly experience urinary tract infections affecting the bladder and urethra.

FastMed Urgent Care is open late during the week, including weekends and holidays. No appointment is necessary, so walk right in. Upon examination, our staff can determine a specific treatment for your UTI and whether or not you have an infection. Most major insurance is accepted, so if you’re wondering, “where should I go for a UTI?” Chandler Arizona’s new clinic on South Arizona Ave is available to provide prompt, compassionate care.

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