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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Did you know that your toenails can be a window to your body’s health? Our feet are the first parts of our body to be affected by nerve issues because they are the farthest from our heart and spine. A change in your toenails can be the first sign of a potentially serious problem, and identifying the problem early could help save your life.

If you have noticed that your toenails have changed to a yellow color, and you can’t pinpoint a cause, come to FastMed Urgent Care. Our staff of caring and compassionate medical professionals will assess your symptoms and provide you with the best possible care.

When Are Yellow Toenails Cause for Concern?

Yellow ToenailsYellow toenails can affect anyone, but most people between the ages of 20-70 are most likely to experience them. Some common causes of yellow toenails include:

  • Fungal infections
  • Diabetes
  • Yellow nail syndrome
  • Lymphedema

In most cases, yellow toenails are caused by toenail fungus, which is influenced by personal habits: walking around barefoot in public places or wearing shoes made of non-breathable materials. Treatment for yellow toenails depends on their cause. If your yellow toenails are caused by a fungus, you will likely be prescribed an anti-fungal medication.

Yellow toenails don’t always indicate the presence of a medical condition. They can also be caused by things like nail polish stains and aging. FastMed can help you determine the cause of your yellow toenails and recommend the appropriate treatment.

If you are concerned about a sudden change in the color of your toenails, visit FastMed for quick, convenient, and affordable treatment today.

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