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Boone, North Carolina may not be as famous as New York City or L.A., but people from our town are just as proud of where we come from! How can you identify your fellow Boone brethren? We’ve all got this in common:

  1. You’ve seen “Horn in the West” at least three times.
  2. Unlike other North Carolinians, you have a closet full of winter clothes.
  3. You worked at Walmart when you were in high school.
  4. You’ve had your picture taken next to Doc Watson.
  5. You know that AppalCART has nothing to do with apples or carts.
  6. You know all the best hiking trails on Blue Ridge.
  7. You’ve spent at least twenty minutes chasing rogue golf balls around Magic Mountain Mini Golf.
  8. You’ve ridden Tweetsie.
  9. You and your friends have gotten into an argument over whether skiing or snowboarding is better.
  10. You applied to Appalachian State.
  11. When you played cowboys and Indians, you always wanted to be the cowboy.
  12. You’ve suffered through a class trip to the Native American Artifacts Museum.
  13. After your trip to the Native American Artifacts Museum, you dug holes in the yard for a week looking for ancient Indian treasure.
  14. You own an Apps jersey.
  15. You could do a pub crawl around the best breweries (Appalachian Mountain, Blind Squirrel, Lost Province, etc.) with your eyes closed.
  16. You’ve gotten up early so you could score the best pastries from Stick Boy.
  17. You know that when it comes to music, Nashville’s got nothing on the High Country!
  18. You’ve spent the night telling ghost stories while camping at Grandfather Mountain – and barely got any sleep.
  19. Summer doesn’t really start until you go to your first festival.
  20. When you were a kid, you dreamed of hitting it big at Doc’s Rocks or Foggy Mountain.
  21. You know that being called a hippie is a compliment.
  22. You’ve been to a barn party.
  23. You’ve made ice cream out of snow (but not the yellow snow!).
  24. You know when all the slopes open – and don’t mind calling in sick when there’s great powder!

FastMed Urgent Care was the very first urgent care center in the High Country, and we’re still the best. We love being a part of this awesome community, and pride ourselves on making sure that all the locals stay happy and healthy. When you’re feeling under the weather, come see us on Highway 105 Extension. We’ll have you in, out, and on your way!

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