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Bronchitis Treatment in AZ – NC FastMed Urgent Care 

Bronchitis treatment in AZ NCBronchitis is an inflammation and infection of the bronchial tubes that line the airway. Your bronchial tubes connect to the windpipe, then split to deliver air to each of your lungs. When they become inflamed and infected, breathing can become difficult and a host of other respiratory symptoms will present themselves. In healthy people, bronchitis treatment typically involves help to relieve Bronchitis symptoms through prescription cough medicines or inhalers to make breathing easier by opening airways. Bronchitis, however, can be quite serious, especially if you have an underlying health problem, like congestive heart failure or some other problem; these sorts of cases need to seek out immediate bronchitis treatment. 

FastMed walk-in clinics across North Carolina and Arizona are open 365 days per year –with extended business hours. No need to suffer without bronchitis treatment, for we will welcome you at any time. You may schedule an appointment, but you don’t need one. FastMed accepts most major insurance plans, including TriCare. FastMed also offers a savings plan that helps families manage the cost of their health care, so they can focus on staying healthy, instead of worrying about money.

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment in NC and AZ

Chronic bronchitis affects people whose lungs are damaged from illness, smoking, or exposure to other respiratory toxins.  Sometimes chronic bronchitis can be a pre-cursor to emphysema or COPD. According to the National Institute of Health, COPD is a major cause of disability, and it’s the third leading cause of death in the United States. If you get bronchitis on a regular basis or have reason to think your lungs may be damaged, we suggest you come into FastMed to learn about treatment and preventative care. If you smoke and live in NC, please consider one of our family practice smoking cessation programs.  Don’t wait for things to get worse. Come in to the FastMed Urgent Care near you and get treated for bronchitis.

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