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One of the worst symptoms of a flu is the headache that it often brings. Treatments for flu headaches vary, and what works for some people does not always work for others.

To determine what kind of treatment you should try for your headache, it may help to first figure out the root of your headache.

Flu Headache TreatmentTypes of Flu Headaches and their Treatments

Headaches attributed to the flu often have different root causes and require different methods of dealing with each.

Some flu headaches are a result of the fever experienced during a flu. When your body temperature rises, blood vessels become enlarged and increase the pressure on your head. If you’re feeling a lot of pressure in your head, try medicine containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Other flu headaches come as a result of sinus pressure brought on by congestion. If you feel pressure and sensitivity around your nose and eyes, try a decongestant to relieve your sinus pressure. You might also try a hot steam bath or shower to loosen up your sinuses. Alleviating the pressure can help your headache subside.

It’s easy to become dehydrated while battling the flu and dehydration can cause a headache. If your urine is dark in color, drink plenty of water to replenish your fluids. This can be one of the easiest fixes to relieve your headache.

Alternative Remedies

Traditional medicine is not the only way to treat a headache caused by the flu. Massaging your scalp is believed by many to help ease the pain, and various teas and oils are also used to alleviate headaches.

Just like for other flu symptoms, sleep is one of the best remedies for a headache. Lie down somewhere comfortable and avoid any bright lights or loud noises. Better yet, check in online to see the medical professionals at your local FastMed and get the treatment you really need.

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