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What is the  Sugar Test for Diabetes?

Sugar test for diabetesThere are tests to find out if you have diabetes and other blood sugar abnormalities, but once you have been diagnosed, FastMed Urgent Care can help you manage your diabetes or most other chronic conditions (You can find information about the diagnostic tests here).  If you have diabetes, it is important to monitor your blood sugar levels to determine how well your diabetes is being controlled in the current course of treatment.  The FastMed medical team near you may need to adjust your treatment based on the outcome of a test called Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c.)

HbA1c: A Sugar Test for Diabetes

The HBA1c is an important test in monitoring your diabetes. The test results show your FastMed medical team an average of your blood sugar control over a 6 to 12-week period.  These results are reviewed in conjunction with your home blood sugar monitoring results.

When there is too much sugar in your blood, it attaches to the red blood cells that care oxygen (hemoglobin) and becomes glycated. The average amount of sugar in your blood can be determined by measuring your hemoglobin A1c  The amount of hemoglobin A1c will show the last several weeks of blood-sugar levels, typically for a period of three months. If your glucose levels have been high over recent weeks, the results of your hemoglobin A1c test will be higher. 

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