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So you got the flu. Either you forgot to visit FastMed for your flu shot or despite all your preventative efforts you still got sick. It happens. Sometimes you do everything in your power to protect your home from the flu and one kid decides to go to school sick and an entire classroom gets infected, bringing it home to you. If this happened, we’re here to help.

However you got sick, now it’s time to get well. It’s time to find the right treatment and make healthy choices that will get you back on your feet quickly. Most of us can’t afford to miss a lot of work these days, so why not choose an inexpensive treatment option that can get you back in the office in no time at all?

 Get enough sleep

You know how sometimes when you get sick all you want to do is crawl in bed and sleep? That’s your body making a great suggestion. Listen to it. If you feel achy and ill and want nothing more than to curl up under the covers, dive into bed and get some rest.

If you have the flu, you should sleep at least nine hours a night. If you can get more sleep, that’s great. Take some naps throughout the day if you need to. Sleep helps your body recover and may boost your immune system.

Make sure to stay hydrated

When you’re awake, we want you consuming fluids. Hydration is key to kicking an illness. And we don’t mean drinking water until your belly maxes out. Hydration can be enjoyable and soothing if you’re sick.

  1. Use a humidifier: Keeping the air moist and moving may improve your symptoms and help clear your sinuses.
  2. Eat an icy pop: If your throat is sore and swollen a cold treat may relieve some of the pain — and it’s tasty, too.
  3. Have a hot drink: Have some hot tea or even warm water with lemon. Much like a cold treat, this may feel soothing and it may clear some symptoms.
  4. Don’t forget soup: Your mother’s favorite remedy really works. Chicken noodle soup has proven its healing properties.
  5. Fruit and sport drinks: Tasty drinks are a good substitute for water and a great source of electrolytes. Just be sure to choose a healthy alternative, rather than a really sugary drink.

If you are caring for a child with the flu, hydration is very important. You may need to encourage them to drink, as it can be uncomfortable with a sore throat. Also, keep kids home from school until you are absolutely sure they are feeling better. You don’t want your child who is already tired and weakened from illness to catch something else, and you don’t want to spread the flu at your child’s school.

Take the right medications

There are over-the-counter treatment options for the flu. You can take ibuprofen, antihistamines, decongestants and cough medicines to relieve your symptoms. You want to be sure to read the labels on any medicine you take. If you are treating a child, you want to be especially sure that you pay attention to what medicines you are giving them and the dosages they are taking.

There are also prescription medicines you can take for the flu. Your local FastMed is ready to help you get the medicine you need anytime. Often, sickness strikes on the weekend or after normal business hours, and we’re open and available. We are also here on holidays. You should call your doctor at the onset of flu symptoms for the best chance of getting the treatment you need in a timely manner.

FastMed is your flu headquarters

If you haven’t yet, get your flu shot at your earliest convenience and try to avoid ever getting sick. However, if you fall ill, your local FastMed is your flu headquarters. Our friendly staff is ready and able to help you understand how best to prevent illness, how to treat illness and how to prevent the spread of the flu once you are sick.

As autumn settles in and holidays approach, the flu begins to take hold. When you feel down or if the kids bring something home, count on FastMed to get you back out there. We’re faster and less expensive than most emergency rooms should you need an after-hours or weekend visit.