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Abdominal pain has many potential causes, and the specific location of your abdominal pain can help you better understand the root of the issue. There are several conditions associated with upper-left abdominal pain that range from non-serious to life-threatening. Today, FastMed Urgent Care will explore some of these conditions and their symptoms.

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Upper-Left Abdominal Pain: Should You Worry?

Upper Left Abdominal PainThe abdomen is divided into 5 sections: upper-right quadrant, upper-left quadrant, upper-middle section, lower-right quadrant, and lower-left quadrant. Because each section of your abdomen contains different organs, determining which section of your abdomen is hurting can help pinpoint the cause.

Conditions known to cause upper-left abdominal pain:

  • Angina: Reduced blood flow to the heart
  • Empyema: Infection of the lining surrounding the lungs
  • Kidney stones: hard deposits that form inside your kidneys
  • Pancreatitis: Inflammation of the pancreas
  • Splenic abscess: Pus-filled pocket in the spleen
  • Cancer: Abnormal cells that develop and destroy normal cells (may metastasize)

When to worry:

  • Your pain becomes unmanageable
  • Your movements worsen the pain
  • Your abdomen is tender to the touch
  • You lose your appetite
  • You see blood in your stool

Even if your symptoms are mild, seeing a medical professional can help you feel better much more quickly. FastMed follows a family physician model and can treat common illnesses, take x-rays, give flu shots and vaccinations, and even cast minor breaks or sprains. If you’re in pain, why wait? Check-in online today!

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