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Most CMV drivers know that they must pass a DOT physical before qualifying for a commercial drivers license. You may have found that some of the DOT physical requirements are simple to understand, while others are more complicated. One question asked frequently by drivers is, “Will I fail the DOT physical with a preexisting condition?”

Some important points regarding your DOT physical:

  • The purpose of a DOT physical is to ensure a CMV driver is healthy enough to operate a commercial motor vehicle competently and safely
  • A DOT physical is made up of several tests including vision and hearing evaluations, drug and alcohol tests, and blood pressure measurements
  • A DOT physical examination should be performed by a FMCSA certified medical examiner
  • Most DOT physical exams are valid for 24 months. However, some conditions require extra supervision and a medical examiner may choose to validate a driver’s medical certificate for a lesser time
  • Some pre-existing conditions could prohibit a driver from obtaining their commercial drivers license

Will I Fail DOT Physical with Pre-Existing ConditionStill Have Questions Regarding a Preexisting Condition and your DOT Physical? Here are the Facts:

The main job of a FMCSA certified medical examiner during a DOT physical is to look for conditions that could prohibit a driver from safely operating a commercial vehicle.

Some pre-existing conditions that could restrict a driver’s abilities are:

  • insulin-controlled diabetes
  • heart disease
  • mental disorders
  • alcoholism
  • high blood pressure

While the above conditions could make a driver ineligible to obtain a CDL, it is ultimately up to a certified medical examiner to decide.

The only way to know if you will fail the DOT physical because of a preexisting condition is to consult with a healthcare professional. FastMed has a team of FMCSA certified professionals ready to meet with you day or night with no appointment required. When it comes to your DOT physical, there is no safer choice than FastMed Urgent Care.

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