Quick and Easy DOT Physicals

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Independent truck drivers need a Department of Transportation (DOT) exam every two years, but these can be difficult to take care of with a truck drivers lifestyle. Long stretches on the road, unconventional hours, ever-changing schedules and deadlines can wreak havoc on a trucker’s ability to get a timely exam, which is important for both workplace safety and public highway safety for all everyone.

Here at FastMed, we strive to provide individuals with convenient solutions to their healthcare with extended hours that can make all the difference for someone with time constraints or inflexibly working commitments, like truck drivers and those in similar transportation professions. 

Unlike traditional practices, FastMed Urgent Care locations have appointment availability and accept walk-ins well after normal business hours. Another feature that is often unique to urgent care facilities like FastMed is weekend hours, which can be convenient for professionals who don’t work a traditional 9-5 job. No matter what time constraints might be making your DOT physical exam more difficult, FastMed is here to help. 

FastMed has multiple convenient sites located near both the East and West Coast, near I-40, in both North Carolina and Arizona. FastMed’s locations boast FMCSA certified providers who can help you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Exams can be as low as $85, and you can schedule a ZIPPASS CHECK-IN online right now, 24/7.

FastMed not only offers great options and features or convenient DOT physicals, but also supplemental information on how to prepare for your physical, and we’ll be sure to go over additional options and benefits you may be eligible for. And FastMed has even produced a comprehensive DOT Exam Program pamphlet that will help educate you on the examination process. 

Call FastMed today or contact a location online and take the first step towards completing your quick and easy DOT physical exam. 


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