USA Today Report, CDC: Fewer Than Half in USA Get Flu Shots

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USA Today reported that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced less than half of Americans get their flu shot. Click here for the original USA Today article from the CDC announcement: Fewer than half in USA get flu shots, CDC says

In the announcement CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden shared the following statistics and information:

  • In 2013 only 46% of Americans got their flu shot:
    • 34% of adults ages 18 to 64
    • 50% of pregnant women
    • 55% of children ages 5 to 17
    • 65% of those age 65 and over
    • 70% of kids under age 5
    • 90% of doctors and nurses
  • The flu hospitalizes about 200,000 people a year
  • CDC is calling for senior citizens to get a second type of vaccine against pneumococcus, a bacteria that can cause pneumonia and that hospitalizes about 50,000 Americans a year
  • CDC recommends a flu shot for all pregnant women at any point in pregnancy

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