Stacey R. Gouzenne, MD, FACEP, came to FastMed with a wealth of experience and is familiar with all aspects of medical care in our system. She is outcomes oriented and process driven, and was instrumental in the transition to the new streamlined and accurate documentation process. Dr. Gouzenne is residency trained and board certified in emergency medicine and spent 20 years in the ED setting. In addition to providing direct patient care, she acted as ED Medical Director and Chair of Emergency Services at several hospitals where she developed QA processes, streamlined patient throughput, and acted as liaison to all ancillary and hospital-based services.

She also served as EMS Medical Director and SWAT Medic Director, developing a stepwise feedback process—a sophisticated approach to airway management. Dr. Gouzenne was instrumental in obtaining approval from county commissioners for the addition of new ambulance units to the community. She transitioned to urgent care and occupational medicine, acting as the Regional Medical Director for multiple states where she and her team were responsible for the financial viability of nine practices. Dr. Gouzenne has worked with mid-level providers, including paramedical personnel across all medical settings, and is focused on ensuring that providers are supported clinically in their service to patients and the delivery of superior medical care.

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