It’s 8th period. You’ve had one grueling day, and, quite frankly, you feel unappreciated. It’s one of those days when your passion wanes – even worse, you have to meet Ms. Stephenson about Johnny Jr.’s grades. This long day just became longer.

These are the issues everyone knows you deal with as a teacher. You still have those microbial dangers hiding on every desk and book. You recall that article from The Washington Journal about how you are far more likely than the average person to get sick. Yeah, it’s a dangerous job … Like reality TV fisherman dangerous.

Pencils and UTIs, Oh My!

Urinary Tract InfectionsBeing impaled by flying objects – Kids and teenagers like to throw things. Seriously, they don’t care what it is. Pencils…the sharper the better. Books … books are great for getting a classmate’s attention. A rusty piece of metal they detached from their desk … tetanus for everyone!* Let’s face it, your students will throw things.Wherever they’re aimed,, you’re most likely going to be the one getting hit.

Vitamin D Deficiencies – When you’re stuck inside of a classroom all day, it can be hard to get into the sunlight. Before you know it, you could start developing a vitamin D deficiency* and turning into to a creature straight out of a Bram Stoker novel. That’s okay though. You’re a teacher, which means you get the whole summer off to have fun in the sun, write lesson plans, and answer annoying emails from parents about their kids’ summer reading projects.

MalnutritionYou don’t always have time to pack your lunch in the morning, but that’s what the cafeteria is for. Instead of eating soup and salad you were planning on bringing, you get to choose between sloppy Joe’s and pizza … for the third time this week.

Urinary Tract Infections – When you gotta go, you gotta go. But going can be difficult when you’re in the middle of teaching a 25-student class about the importance of the oxford comma. (They still don’t get it.) No worries. You are Super Teacher. You could hold it all day if you had to. Urinary tract infections be warned…

One class down, two classes down, three classes…

You finally make it to the bathroom, only to realize it isn’t pee flowing into the toilet.It’s some foreign, cloudy substance that feels like fire* exiting your body. You finally look down.

PHEW! It’s only pee. It just isn’t providing you with the sweet relief you thought you’d get after hours of holding it in. Instead, your bladder is slapping you with extreme burning pain and discomfort. Remember that warning you gave urinary tract infections earlier today? Well, UTIs saw your warning and raised you a trip to Urgent Care.

FastMed Cares

Speaking of urgent care, it’s always nice to know that you have an urgent care you can trust right in your neighborhood. It is especially nice when you are a teacher and could be impaled by a flying pencil or come down with a UTI unexpectedly.

The best part is that FastMed is open before and after school, on weekdays, and on weekends.In other words, you’ll never have to miss school for an appointment. And when you want to come to FastMed during the middle of the day just so you can miss school, well, we’ll be open for that too.

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