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Any goal is easier to achieve when you have like-minded companions by your side. That’s one of the reasons is such a great website; it brings together people who have similar interests, so they can participate in and support each other in activities they love (or are interested in trying out!). Whether you’re looking to lose weight, decrease your stress levels, or just make some new friends, one of these Meetup groups in Mesa might be just the thing!

1. Pilates & ZumbaGold @ Active Bodies

Zumba, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT)…if you’re crazy for cardio, this is the group to join. With 471 members and over 2,500 past meetings, this group is unlikely to go dormant anytime soon. You do have to pay for classes, but sizes are small (a maximum of 8 people per class) and they offer ‘Gold’ versions of Zumba and yoga for newbies and older adults!

2. The East Valley Meditation Group

Meditation has gone mainstream! No longer thought of as ‘hippy-dippy pseudoscience,’ the health benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again. Get started by joining this group, which meets at several different locations around east Phoenix and Mesa. They’ll provide the cushions or chairs, and promise they will “never ask anything of you.” Try it out – what have you got to lose?

3. Garden Pool

Garden Pool describes itself as “a nonprofit organization for sustainable food production methods,” so if you’re interested in horticulture, farming, fruit and nut trees, aquaculture, hydroponics, water conservation, or any other aspect of food production, you can learn a lot from members of this group. Get advice on gardening, take some online classes, and create your own Garden Pool in the city where it all started – Mesa, Arizona.

4. Fat to Slim in the East Valley

This group is dedicated to fitness and weight loss (if you couldn’t tell by the name!). Members come in all shapes, ages, and sizes, and there are activities for every fitness level. Think you’re too busy to exercise? There’s a Boot Camp work out almost every morning and evening, and Sweat Saturdays are free!

5. Stars Ballroom Dance

Both couples and singles are welcome at this Meetup, which occurs every Friday night at 7:30 at the majestic Stars Ballroom off the 101. For only $7 per person, you’ll get two dance lessons before cutting a rug on the dance floor with other dancing fools. This group doesn’t focus on any particular style – try swing dancing, salsa, or the elegant and romantic waltz!

6. True Harmony Beauty, Health, Spirit, and Yoga

This Meetup group is based at The Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine on S. Vineyard in Mesa. With an emphasis on homeopathy and alternative medicine, this group introduces some of the many ways you can create lifelong wellness for the mind, body, and soul. Past Meetups include gentle yoga classes for women, an intensive meditation workshop, an infant massage class, and an introduction to aromatherapy.

7. Extreme ATV Riders

Quads, dirt bikes, and ATVs can be a great time, but it’s always safer to ride with others. This Meetup group emphasizes that despite the ‘extreme’ name, they aren’t wild about unsafe riders. Their biography notes that “we always accommodate everyone’s riding experience.” With camping weekends and day rides around the Mesa area, you’re sure to have a blast.

8. Free Workout Meetup! Valley Wide

Every Saturday, this group of focused fit-campers gets together for tea, post-workout shakes, and of course, a fun and intense exercise session. Most exercise classes cost money, but this is 100% free. With an emphasis on motivating each other, staying positive, and feeling great, this is the perfect Meetup group for beginners.

FastMed Urgent Care is proud to be a part of the Mesa community, and with four Mesa FastMed Urgent Care locations, we’re never far from where you are. Stay happy and healthy by trying new things and connecting with others in your community – and if you do get sick or injured, come to FastMed!

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