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Need Poison Ivy Treatment?

Poison ivy treatment at FastMed Urgent Care

Have a nasty rash that you think might be poison ivy? Though there are over the counter medications to help soothe the pain, in some cases, you may need to seek additional help.

Poison ivy plants contain an oily resin called urushiol which causes a red, blistery rash on the skin. If you think you’ve been exposed, poison ivy treatment starts by washing the skin with lukewarm, soapy water.

The only sure way to avoid poison ivy treatment is to stay away from the poison ivy plant. Poison ivy grows as a vine or bush, depending on the climate, but always has three leaves per stalk.

Unfortunately urushiol will stick to more than just skin – clothing, shoes, tools and even animal fur. The compounds in the resin are very stable, so touching something with urushiol on it will transplant the oil back to your skin.  Instant rash. As part of poison ivy treatment, it’s important to wash anything that came in contact with the poison ivy, including your clothing, towels, garden tools shoes and even your dog’s fur.

For the most part, poison ivy treatment can be addressed at home, with over-the-counter medications such as calamine lotion or antihistamines.  Applying rubbing alcohol will help break up the oil residue and cool the surface of the skin. The hardest part is to avoid scratching and avoid breaking open the blisters, which could lead to infection.  Not scratching is easier said than done – so if you are having trouble concentrating or sleeping as a result of the rash, come over to the FastMed Urgent Care nearest you and let us help.


When Poison ivy treatment needs medical attention

  • Poison ivy plants are very dangerous if burned. Inhaling the smoke can cause an allergic reaction in your lungs. If you think you have inhaled smoke from burning poison ivy plants, get to a medical professional right away.
  • If the rash is covering the majority of your body, or has spread to your face or genitals, it is suggested that you seek medical attention to contain it.
  • If the blisters in the rash have become infected or the itching has become unbearable, get some immediate care at FastMed.

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