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Need a TB Test in NC or AZ?

Allergy shotsTuberculosis (TB) is an airborne illness, meaning it is spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing. even speaking and singing.  According to the Centers For Disease Control, TB germs can hang in the air for several hours. People who are most susceptible to carrying TB bacteria are normally vulnerable populations, such as individuals with weakened immune systems and people who utilize or work at homeless shelters. In some work environments, such a correctional facilities, hospitals, pre-schools or any location experiencing an outbreak of TB, a TB test can be required to gain or continue employment.  FastMed Urgent Care offices are open 365 days a year with extended hours to make getting a TB test in NC or Arizona fast and easy.

Getting a TB Test at NC-AZ FastMed 

A TB test is a two-step process. When you come to FastMed, we will take some information about your medical history. If you have had any contact with a person who has TB or even potentially has TB, please make sure you tell the doctor or nurse. A small amount of fluid (called tuberculin) will be injected just beneath the skin on the lower arm. The injection is just a quick pinch, not particularly painful, but if TB bacteria is present in the body, a hard bump will form at the injection site.  If you get a TB Test, you will need to return to FastMed within two to three days so the reaction can be checked and documented. The TB skin test is a simple diagnostic tool that allows employers and others to rule out TB in your health history.

A positive reaction to a TB test doesn’t necessarily mean you will be falling ill with Tuberculosis. TB bacteria can be latent in the body – which means the bacteria are dormant and the disease is not active. FastMed medical professionals can answer any questions that you have and move forward with additional testing should it be required. 

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